Shechita – the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food


Shechita, though a most humane method of slaughter for food, is regularly under threat from pressure groups working to a variety of agendas, and a considerable amount of time and effort is expended in rebutting unjust and ill-informed criticism as well as in educating Government, the media and the public truthfully about Shechita. To continue to provide this service, we need your help. The Shechita Defence Fund is managed under a Deed of Trust by the NCSB, a Registered Charity (No.263423), that will use your donations for just this purpose.

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Hosea XIII 2 (8th Century BCE):

“…of them it is said: They that sacrifice men kiss calves”

In December 1945 the Allies, in nullifying the April 1933 anti-Shechita decree of the Nazis, declared that it had been “enacted as a result of racial and religious prejudice rather than humanitarianism


They that sacrifice men kiss calves