Shechita UK’s response to the RSPCA Election Manifesto

May 18, 2017

Following the RSPCA’s decision to put banning religious slaughter as one of their priorities for the forthcoming General Election, Shechita UK’s campaign director Shimon Cohen, has made the following comment:

We are incredulous that the RSPCA’s election manifesto focuses on religious communities and ignores the pain, distress and agony caused by mechanical stunning methods including asphyxiation by gas, electrocution by tongs or water or shooting with a captive bolt gun. These methods frequently go wrong leaving the animal in prolonged distress. Once again the RSPCA’s efforts are concentrated on religious slaughter which is a humane method conforming to all norms of animal welfare and all relevant EU definitions and is supported by an ample body of scientific evidence.


As with many other stories regarding the RSPCA, this is proof of its continuing politicisation which used to be opaque and is now transparent and clear for all to see.