Shechita – the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food

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Bans on Shechita

The following is an article written by Campaign Director Shimon Cohen for Synagogue Magazines: I think it is important to understand the politics of shechita and underlie many of the discussions we have on this issue. When I say politics of shechita, people often...

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Shechita UK presents at the Public Policy Exchange

Shechita UK presented at the annual Public Policy Exchange Event at the Grange Wellington Hotel. With Brexit approaching, the forum discussed opportunities for new regulations on animal welfare, as new Primary Legislation will be necessary once Britain leaves the EU....

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Shechita UK statement on FSA data collection

Shimon Cohen, the campaign Director of Shechita UK said: “The Jewish community slaughters a tiny number of animals every year. The numbers have always been available to the FSA and other public bodies. We would be happy to continue to supply the information to...

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Shechita post Brexit

Following the Brexit vote, Campaign Director, Shimon Cohen, has written the following piece which has been published in the Jewish Chronicle. “Speculation for a future outside of the European Union has dominated conversation for the last few months and intensified...

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