Shechita – the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food

News/Press releases

Shechita UK’s position on CCTV

Following the Conservative Party's inclusion of mandatory CCTV across all abattoirs in their General Election manifesto, Shechita UK has issued the following statement: Shechita UK has always supported the call for CCTV in abattoirs and has repeatedly spoken to...

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Shechita UK’s response to the RSPCA Election Manifesto

Following the RSPCA's decision to put banning religious slaughter as one of their priorities for the forthcoming General Election, Shechita UK's campaign director Shimon Cohen, has made the following comment: We are incredulous that the RSPCA’s election manifesto...

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Bans on Shechita

The following is an article written by Campaign Director Shimon Cohen for Synagogue Magazines: I think it is important to understand the politics of shechita and underlie many of the discussions we have on this issue. When I say politics of shechita, people often...

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