Shechita – the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food

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Shlomo Winegarten

  Henry Grunwald OBE, QC, Chairman of Shechita UK said: "It is with shock and immense sadness that Shechita UK announces the passing of Shlomo Winegarten, one of its founders. Shlomo was the inspiration for the modernising and professionalising of the campaign to...

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Mike Freer MP Questions the Hidden Motive of Labelling

  "It is worth remembering that slaughter methods require pre-stunning procedures which can be less efficient than the integral stun of the shechita process" writes Member of Parliament Mike Freer. Read his whole article from today's Jewish News...

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Shechita UK Gears up for Renewed Labelling Fight

  The Environmental and Consumer Affairs Committee of the European Parliament this week voted through an amendment to a new EU food-labelling bill that would require meat not stunned before slaughter to be labelled on food packaging, “unstunned before slaughter”....

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Shechita UK makes Steady Progress in Brussels

  Shechita UK campaign director Shimon Cohen and colleagues held a further series of meetings in Brussels this week. During a friendly and constructive meeting with Struan Stevenson, Conservative MEP for Scotland, Mr Stevenson informed Mr Cohen that the...

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European Parliament in New Vote to Label Kosher Meat

  The European Parliament is set to debate a new amendment to the EU’s draft Food Information Regulation next month, which will consider the labelling of all meat slaughtered using the Jewish shechita method. Last year, the Council of Ministers blocked an attempt...

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