Shechita – the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food

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Shechita UK comment in response to remarks made Chris Loder MP

Following comments made by Chris Loder MP during a debate on the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill in the House of Commons, Shechita UK has issued the following statement: "It is regrettable that Chris Loder has joined the thankfully small list of MPs who have chosen...

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Shechita UK Response to Eurogroup for Animals Poll

In response to the recent poll conducted by the Eurogroup for Animals which can be found here, Shimon Cohen, Campaign Director for Shechita UK, said: “The Eurogroup for Animals is a lobby group with a long term anti-Shechita position. Their survey, stands in stark...

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Shechita UK Pays Tribute to Defenders of Religious Slaughter

Shechita UK expresses its sincerest thanks and gratitude to Lord Palmer, Baroness Altmann and Baroness Deech for their continued support of our cause, speaking to Shechita UK’s messages on method of slaughter labelling passionately, clearly and succinctly during...

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Belgium Update

Following the ban on religious slaughter in the Flanders and Wallonia regions of Belgium that came into force last year, Shechita UK advised the Belgian Jewish community on key issues arising and offered support where appropriate. The European Court of Justice’s...

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The Agriculture Bill Passes Through the House of Commons

The Agriculture Bill has passed through the House of Commons with no references to slaughter or Shechita. Over the past few months, Shechita UK has been carefully monitoring the Agriculture Bill as it progressed through the House of Commons, making particular note of...

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