MPs out in Force to Protect Shechita

Nov 4, 2014

Shechita UK has paid tribute to the MPs who spoke passionately in defence of religious slaughter at a Westminster Hall debate this morning in the House of Commons.

Of the seven speakers in the debate, Louise Ellman, Lee Scott, Mike Freer, Mathew Offord and, Jonathan Djanogly spoke in support of Shechita, the Jewish religious method of animal slaughter for food and Shabana Mahmood MP spoke in support of Zabiha, the Muslim method.

The debate was called by Neil Parish MP, a long-time opponent of religious slaughter, following an inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Beef and Lamb, a group he chairs. The inquiry looked into what it called “non-stun slaughter in accordance with Religious Rites”. It took evidence from a wide range on experts before publishing its findings in July 2014.

Shadow Farming Minister Huw Irranca Davies MP spoke in extremely positive terms about religious slaughter. He made clear his support for fair and informative labelling saying that his party would take into account all options when they look at Europe wide consultation on the subject, due for publication later this year. Shechita UK’s suggestion of comprehensive method of slaughter labelling was mentioned by many of the speakers and the shadow minister as a viable option for any future plans.

Shechita UK has campaigned extensively on the issue of mis-stuns following government data that showed an unrealistic picture of this problem was being reported by the FSA. This issue was discussed extensively throughout the debate and the Farming Minister, George Eustice MP confirmed that current statistics were not complete and that the FSA will be tightening its procedure in future.

Shechita UK Campaign Director Shimon Cohen said: “In the many years of campaigning I do not remember a debate where the Jewish community’s perspective was so well represented and I would like to pay tribute to all of those MPs who spoke so passionately in support of Shechita.”

Nevertheless it is very clear that the campaign against Shechita continues and we have much work to do as we prepare for renewed attacks based upon agenda led science and flawed labelling proposals.”