EU Parliament Adopts Food Information to Consumers Report

Jul 6, 2011

Shechita not to be singled out for labelling

The EU Parliament today adopted the Food Information to Consumers report backing the agreement reached after months of negotiation between the European Commission, Council and Parliament. The suggestion that Shechita would be singled out for specific labeling – originally voted through by a committee of the European Parliament – was rejected in the plenary vote after a compromise was reached with the Member States and the Commission.
The compromise reached is a commitment that a study on the opportunity to provide consumers with the relevant information on the stunning of animals should be considered in the context of future Union strategy for the protection and welfare of animals. The compromise was backed by 606 MEPs in favour and 46 against.

Henry Grunwald, chairman of Shechita UK said: “This is the result that we had sought from the outset of our long campaign. We are so very grateful for the huge support that we received from the community. However, I do again have to reiterate that we will have to work even harder to address the matter when it comes up for discussion in the animal welfare plan later in the year.”