Following comments made by George Eustice MP during a Westminster Hall debate on Monday 1st July, Shechita UK has issued the following statements.

On the science: “The science on religious slaughter is not conclusive and Shechita is supported by an ample body of scientific evidence. It is disappointing that Mr Eustace only presented one side of the argument.”

On labelling: “Shechita UK has been at the forefront of the labelling debate, seeking to ensure that the consumer is given full and honest information and not being misled into believing that mechanical stunning is some kind of therapeutic process. Comprehensive method of slaughter labelling which would ensure that consumers know whether their meat has been mechanically stunned by asphyxiation, electric shock or any of the legal methods, is accepted by religious communities and animal welfare groups alike.”

On post-cut stunning:“We are in regular contact with the Rabbinical Authorities in the UK and post-cut stunning is not the normative halachic position.”