Prime Minister Supports Shechita

Mar 13, 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron has given his assurance that shechita is safe in the United Kingdom.

In his speech to the Knesset he said “I’ve stood up to protect Jewish practices. The Jewish community has been an absolute exemplar in integrating into British life in every way, but integration doesn’t mean that you have to give up things that you hold very dear in your religion.”

“When people challenged kosher shechita I have defended it. I fought as a backbench MP against the last attempt to do something to change this. And there’s no way I’m allowing that to change now I’m Prime Minister. On my watch shechita is safe in the UK.”

The speech was featured in many publications, for example the Telegraph Online.

UPDATE: Following the Prime Minister’s pledge to continue Shechita, the leaders of the Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP parties have also reiterated their support of the right of the Jewish community to continue plasticising shechita in the UK.