Shechita UK response to the bans on religious slaughter in Belgium

May 10, 2017

Over the last two months, there have been two proposed bans in Belgium one in the Flemish Region and a second in the Wallonia Region. In response, Shechita UK has been working with European leaders to support the fight on these bans where appropriate.

In particular, Shechita UK has liaised with the Conference of European Rabbis who have sent out a letter to all Chief Rabbis across Europe requesting that they write to their local Belgian Embassy. The President of the CER has written directly to the decision makers involved and we await a response.

Further responses are being considered in a bid to overturn these bans which are potentially damaging to the Jewish communities of Europe.

Talking about the bans Shimon Cohen, the Campaign Director of Shechita UK said: “The bans in Belgium have the potential to be particularly harmful to the Jewish Community. It is vital that the community fights these bans and we are pleased to see a pan-European effort. We will continue to support all of our partners to get this overturned.”