In response to the recent poll conducted by the Eurogroup for Animals which can be found here, Shimon Cohen, Campaign Director for Shechita UK, said:

“The Eurogroup for Animals is a lobby group with a long term anti-Shechita position. Their survey, stands in stark contrast with the recent European Commission Study on Information to Consumers on the Stunning of Animals which clearly states that consumers have no interest in method of slaughter unless prompted. These anti-Shechita activists seem intent on promoting a misguided perception that mechanical methods of slaughter are some sort of woozy, medicinal process that gently put animals to sleep when in reality they are invasive processes that cause pain to the animal. It is both patronising and disingenuous to ignore the significant animal welfare issues that occur using mechanical methods such as asphyxiation by gas, electrocution by tongs or water or shooting with a captive bolt gun. It is disappointing that the Eurogroup for Animals continues to intensify this myth rather than addressing the many important animal welfare issues there are with mechanical slaughter methods as well as the underlying issues such as animal transport that affect the slaughter industry as a whole.”